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The installation of an outdoor padel courts starting from an undeveloped land includes permits and checks (concessions and permits – such as geological report, seismic report, municipal permits such as CIL / CILA / SCIA / DIA), and possible superintendence and civil engineering.
The installation of a courts includes:

  • The correct bureaucratic process (eliminating the risk of future penalties);
  • The involvement of the various professional figures that ensure the correct execution of the work;
  • The use of NTC 2018 certified materials with wind force resistance over 100 Km per hour (which makes it possible to provide a 10-year guarantee on the structural part);

The total expenditure for the construction of a padel courts, starting from an undeveloped land, is approximately between 30,000 and 35,000 euros, total construction of the reinforced concrete platform – as per current legislation. Italian Padel can support its customers throughout the process, including the bureaucratic one, from the planning to the realization and opening of the center. Any commercial proposals at significantly lower costs denote the impossibility of application of the current legislation during the construction of the courts and the assumption of risks for both the owner of the courts and users.
Want to know more about possible risks? Click here to read the legislation or contact us for more information
Want to know more? Read here and you will find in-depth information on the process needed to build a new courts, current regulations and
particularities that distinguish Italian Padel.
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